Houdini W’s Power Houdi Sorrow Blue

2200,00 kr

Long time Houdini classic worn and loved by everyone from mountain guides to gardeners to bike commuters. Made in Polartec Power Stretch Pro. an exceptional fabric with a smooth outside and warm. fluffy inside. Equally tough and comfortable. The Houdini design team never set out the create the latest news. The goal is to never become old. The Power Houdi has remained virtually unchanged since the launch 15 years ago. The versatile functionality. timeless aesthetics and durable quality makes it into one of those items that simply don’t need to be replaced. The Power Houdi is made in Power Stretch Pro from Polartec. We have never encountered a better fleece fabric. It is almost indestructible but yet cozy. warm and comfortable. Use the garment underneath a shell jacket in the ski slope. take it climbing or wear it just like it is. Extended sleeves with thumb loops will keep your hand warm and the high collar and tight fitting hood will provide comfort in cold weather. A little warning though. We often hear that our customers become addicted to the Power Houdi and we can only agree. It’s hard to take off once you put it on. The reason that we love the Power Houdi is that it becomes more than just a piece of clothing in your wardrobe. It becomes a companion and will keep you warm for many years of adventures.

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